Palestrantes Dylan Butler e Oliver Hager

Dylan Butler
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Dylan started programming about 15 years ago. Since then, he’s run his own web development company, worked for multiple startups, and even passed the California Bar Exam. Currently an Engineering Manager at PlayStation, Dylan works on burstcoin in his spare time.

Oliver Hager

Oliver started messing around with computers in the mid 1990s, and did almost everything from demo/game development, embedded systems, distributed architectures, to modern web applications. Although, he hated Computer Science at school and promised that he’d never study CS, he earned his M.Sc CS in 2008 – the year he moved to Brazil. He has worked almost six years at Dextra, still learning new stuff each day. His most recent achievement is becoming a core member of the “Burst Apps Team”, and he is actively working for the Burstcoin community now.

Palestra: Cryptocurrency Application Development: How we Built a Cross-Platform Cryptocurrency Wallet

In this talk, we introduce the world of cryptocurrency application development. Using the new Burstcoin wallet as an example, we show how to build and deploy a modern and secure application for multiple platforms in a monorepo. Further, we walk through concepts like account creation, secure transactions, and demonstrate how to develop and publish smart contracts on the blockchain.